1. Company Introduction

JM Posner takes pride in being the worlds best brand for chocolate fountains been in the business since 2002, The brand’s pride lies in its extensive range of products including the chocolate fountain, the waffle machine, Chocolate shawarma, waffle mix, spreads, liquid chocolate among other food products.

2. Major Projects

Started by Chef Justin Max Posner in UK. JM Posner Ltd, UK is Join venture with Janatha Machines having manufacturing facility in India from where they supply to top brands like ITC, Taj, Leela Palace, London Company, Frozen Bottle and more. Their international market currently includes warner Brothers World, Dubai, Harry Potter World London, UK, Atlantis, UAE & China, Jumeriah Hotel Group, Disney Café Primark, UK, Throntons Ferrero UK, Studio City Macau, Purdy’s Chocolate Shop, Canada etc.

3. Chocolate Fountain

JM Posner has taken up special projects currently making an international cut with the centrepiece fountain like the Wall fountain at Macau, or the gold fountain at Dubai Palace. JM Posner being world leading in chocolate fountain manufacture has more than 30models of regular and cascade design with stainless steel and gold-plated models.

4. Waffle Maker

The Waffle machine, is power efficient model with more than 30 interchanging waffle plates. Waffle machine is like a life time machine build with high quality electrical. Apart from this company make crepe machine chocolate shawarma machine (Italian Concept Design) and bottle warmers.

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